Flip The Switch:

Activate Your Drive to Achieve a Freakish Level Of Success



Flip The Switch:

Activate Your Drive to Achieve a Freakish Level Of Success



World Authority on Activating Prey Drive

Coach Micheal Burt is considered the leading authority on “activating the PREY DRIVE” in people and teams around the world. Coach Burt defines Prey Drive in this context as “an instinctual ability to see something with the eyes optically or in the mind and have the persistence and intensity to pursue it.”

Based on Micheal’s unique background as a former championship women’s basketball coach combined with his impressive ability to build a “competitive intelligence” in people, the 17X author uses a unique methodology to inner engineer people to compete at the highest levels. Coach Burt goes to work on all four parts of a person’s nature through building specific knowledge for the mind, impeccable skills for the body, intense desire for the heart, and a contagious confidence for the spirit.

Hired by many of the top companies in the world to activate this drive in their teams Micheal has built out a framework and model to “FLIP the SWITCH” in people that shows quantitative improvements in concentrated periods of time. Currently Micheal is building and licensing “Greatness Factories” around the world, which are unique destination locations that combine “intentional collaboration” between members through inspired real estate, coaching programs, and a common desire to do something LEGENDARY. 

Learn more about Coach Burt, his unique methodology and his coaching programs at www.coachburt.com

Best Selling Author, Micheal Burt

Coach Michael Burt has dedicated his career in helping other people to take action and get results. Through his journey, he has published multiple books which have went on to become Best Sellers across multiple categories.

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COACHING with America’s Monster Coach:

I believe a good coach can change your life and that those who have a coach earn 3-4x more than those who don’t. You need to have an affinity with the person coaching you.

Coach Burt will activate the prey drive in your audience:

Coach Micheal Burt is The #1 ACTIVATOR of PREY DRIVE in AMERICA Bestselling Author, Dynamic Speaker, Championship Coach and Top Business Growth Trainer…


“Micheal Burt is the real deal when it comes to coaches. He will teach you how to build, grow, scale and get major spikes in your business like no other.”

Grant Cardone,
The 10X Rule

“Nobody in the world packages and delivers coaching content better than Coach Burt. He’s spent his lifetime studying and breaking down concepts and structures.”

Brad Lea, Founder of
LightSpeed VT

“Coach Burt is the modern day COVEY. Nobody is better than him at what he does by breaking down a methodology of growth.”

Tim Storey,
Celebrity Life Coach

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