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The Intangibles


40 Team Lessons to Build the Hidden Potential of Your Team

Very few coaches tap into the hidden potential of players and teach the intangibles better than Coach Micheal Burt.

Known for bringing his business and entrepreneurial mind to the coaching process, Micheal is the expert at blending business and sport together to build all parts of a player’s nature including the hard areas of the mind, heart, and spirit. In this blueprint, Coach Burt breaks down 40 easy lessons that coaches around the country can use to share with their teams over a 40-week period or daily as needed.

There is more to winning than just practicing. There are key parts of each person’s nature and key areas of teams that have to be developed such as chemistry, trust, leadership, buy in, execution, and symmetry of the group. This book helps you teach all of these areas in simple and easy ways that will stick with your team.

The result will be a team that is:

  • More connected
  • More intelligent
  • More coachable
  • More equipped to win

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