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The Accountable Church



A workshop, book and program about building DYNAMIC and ENGAGED CULTURES where people keep coming back for more

We live in a RED BULL, A.D.D. Society where it is getting harder and harder to get and keep the attention of others. If you are building a subscription style church or business where attendance, engagement, and participation is critical to your future survival and expansion of your mission you will not want to miss this program.

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Several years ago business and performance Coach Micheal Burt was asked by a pastor of a rapidly growing church for his help in coaching him in leadership and expansion. In preparation for the work Coach Burt would study why 10,000 churches were dying annually at a rate of 200 per week. He would also study the trends and mindsets of the fastest growing churches in the country and what they each had in common. He would combine his deep background in building one of the fastest and most dynamic coaching programs in the world with his deep background as a former championship coach who created systems of growth that would touch the body, mind, heart, and spirit of the participants in a consistent and systematic manner.

Coach Burt would take his work with the pastor and his deep research and come to these conclusions:

  • Churches that grow rapidly systematically attack growth like great businesses who have key structures in place for growth- they play offense vs. defense
  • Churches have a “subscription model” where people are expected to use and engage with the services to experience transformation but have high churn (opt out) rates and high levels of consistent dis-engagement which lead to turnover
  • Churches could learn a great deal from the business world, especially from those who run successful subscription or engagement models who have high touch and high frequency with their members
  • Businesses could also learn a great deal from the fastest growing churches in the world about movement, building dynamic environments, and engagement
  • Churches who want dynamic growth vs. entropy will have to adopt a more aggressive mindset toward systematic growth and work hard to get and keep the attention of their members in new and creative ways

The Accountable Church is a book and program for churches or those who have a strong desire to build a DYNAMIC and ENGAGED flock of people. The book could be used by businesses or churches who have a model where you want people to come back time and time again and decrease churn to less than 10%.

Bring Coach Burt in to work with your TEAM on his new DYNAMIC book or join him for a day workshop on this concept. We also offer two day retreats at Coach Burt’s LODGE with you and your team working through how you can build The ACCOUNTABLE CHURCH.

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