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6 Battle-Tested Strategies to Build and Protect Your Confidence

Confidence is the one thing that affects everything. It is the memory of success and the ammunition one needs to manifest his or her thoughts into reality.

Confidence can be built, maintained, and protected systematically.

For far too long, however, a lack of confidence has been the great disabler of millions of talented people who have listened to other in their pasts, saw their lives as failures, or relied on the false opinions of others for their sense of self-worth and value.

For something so important and so vital to long-term success, one would think that courses on confidence would be required for every middle school, high school, college, and trade school curriculum in America. Unfortunately, no such course of study exists.

This lack of education in this key area sets people up to fail later in life ending in under-realized potential, failed marriages, dysfunctional relationships, under-performing teams, and dreams that never materialize.

This little book serves as the perfect antidote for such negative outcomes, outlining six battle-tested strategies to build and protect your greatest assets – confidence – or what author Coach Micheal Burt prefers to refer to as “SWAG.”

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