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Small Towns Big Dreams


Your Destiny Has No City Limits

What do Bill Clinton, Kenny Chesney, Oprah Winfrey, and Pat Summitt all have in common? Each grew up in a small community and had dreams of bigger lives. Each faced adversities, built, confidence, created pivot points, had mentors, and became what they envisioned in their minds despite what others thought or said.

Thought leader, entrepreneur, visionary, and coach Micheal J. Burt explores the necessary ingredients for you to move from your small town to a big dream. He weaves personal stories, thought-provoking patterns, and comparisons to those who have done what you may want to do with your life into an easy-to-read roadmap to move you closet to your dream. This book is THE blueprint for those who believe in the world doesn’t end at the county line; it begins there.

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