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Single Digit Millionaire – High School Basketball Coach to Millionaire


Less than 4% of all small businesses will ever break a million dollars of top line revenue leaving it very unlikely that the business owner will become even a “Single Digit Millionaire.” Many are stuck in vehicles that simply cannot get them to their financial goals.

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Coach Micheal Burt started his career as a middle school basketball coach earning just $199.50 in his first two years of coaching. He would embark on a personal development journey at 18 that would hone and refine his skills and make him of the nations top basketball coaches. At 25 years old he began to write about his unorthodox methodologies that was helping him have so much success on the court. This one move of “codifying” his success led him out to the business world where he would then begin earning 10X the amount of his coaching salary in just one hour vs. 80 hours per week.

After building a championship program Coach Burt retired at the peak of his coaching career at 31 years old and leverage the decade of experiences of winning into building a multi-million dollar coaching business that would grow his network to million dollar status.

He is now on a journey to scale his concepts to go from a “Single Digit Millionaire” to a “Double Digit Millionaire.”

This book codifies his journey from a high school basketball coach to a millionaire but more importantly lays out a road map that will challenge you to find your Level 10 opportunity and step into that opportunity so you can be compensated at much higher levels for your knowledge, skills, desire, and confidence.

Take this journey with Coach Burt and it will challenge you in new ways to become a millionaire yourself. Wealth is not just about money.

It’s about impact and opportunity. It’s time you transition from where you are to where you are capable of going.

Nobody is better in the country at “activating your prey drive” than Coach Burt.

This book will motivate and inspire you to dig deeper and go further.

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