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Single Digit Millionaire Intensive (Streaming Video and Workbook PDF)


At 24 years old Coach Burt was earning $24,000 per year and would tap out at $60,000 per year when he was one of the highest paid public school coaches in the country. He was a LEVEL 10 person in a LEVEL 2 opportunity. He begin writing books, speaking, and ultimately would build a coaching business that would make him a SINGLE DIGIT MILLIONAIRE (NET WORTH between $5-$10 million dollars). But he’s not done. By partnering and studying the “Double Digit Millionaires” Coach Burt can show you the exact path he is taking to make this important jump. Single Digit Millionaire is about transition and progression. First to get to double digits you have to get to single digits. This book and workshop will show you:

  • How to dig deep and understand the true talents you have and who will compensate you much higher for those talents
  • How to package and sell those talents
  • How to change your mindset to fishing for BLUE MARLIN OPPORTUNITIES vs. BLUE GILL OPPORTUNITIES
  • How to get in the key circles where people will write you much larger checks
  • How to 10X your revenue and income
  • How to build multiple profit centers around ONE SINGLE POWERFUL IDEA
  • How to get in to LICENSING or RENTING your powerful concepts to others
  • How to not be afraid of your past and fears but to leverage them in to a much bigger future
  • How to move from being a SOLO-PRENEUR to an ENTERPRISE MODEL
  • How to build the entire business around your UNIQUE TALENTS and ABILITIES
  • How to build a business that gives you “excess cash” you can then re-invest in your financial future

This program is perfect for ANY person who believes they have a a bigger future in them and is looking for ways to leverage their unique past in to a strong financial future.

This product includes a 5-Part Streaming Video series and a Workbook PDF.

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