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Monster Producer Coaching + Monster Growth System Bootcamp

14 customer reviews

Be coached IN PERSON at one of the monthly dynamic sessions by me. If you miss get the replays direct to your INBOX so you never miss any of the actions.

In a one year cycle we try to help you find and fill your missing structures including:

  1. How to build a WORLD CLASS “Explanation of Value”
  2. How to build a true PROSPECTING and CUSTOMER GETTING SYSTEM of daily and weekly attack
  3. How to build a MILLION DOLLAR FOLLOW UP to close the deals in your pipeline with a seven touch system
  4. How to extract 5.7 referrals from every transaction
  5. How to become “People of Interest” that attract large amounts of opportunity to you

Each month I break down ONE MAJOR subject of growth. Monthly live session, every video, and every accountability is on this ONE TOPIC.

Over 700 people annually turn to us to help them achieve a 40-50% increase in their top line revenues through Monster Producer.



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Become a LEGENDARY Creature through Monster Producer

After winning championships, Burt retired from athletic coaching to build the Monster Producer Coaching Program, which focuses on the whole person: body, mind, heart, and spirit. The coaching is a systematic and consistent program that teaches sales professionals, business owners, and those interested in seeking rapid growth in business and life. Burt’s goal is to help you to obtain a 43% increase in a one year cycle.  The growth methodologies of the Monster Producer Coaching Program have helped accelerate and advanced top performers and companies in the world.

We believe a good coach can change your life and that those who have a coach earn 3-4x more than those who don’t. You need to have an affinity with the person coaching you.

We also believe a Monster Producer, our biggest coaching structure, is a LEGENDARY CREATURE that combines multiple skill sets to dominate a market.

We believe in being “intense and positive.” I design coaching structures for you to learn, grow, and connect with a dynamic group of other like-minded achievers.

  • Access to the monthly coaching session on The Monster Growth System with Coach Burt
  • Monster Producer Planner
  • Access to the private Facebook Group
  • Tuesday/Thursday Rhythm from Coach Burt in the Facebook group
  • Weekly Monday Accountability Webinars
  • Weekly strategy and videos from Coach Burt
  • Online access to watch sessions
  • Mobile App

Sign up today for an opportunity to reach your potential.

Call our office for payment plan options: 615-225-8380

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Monster Producer Coaching + Monster Growth System Bootcamp

  1. Anonymous

    Started the Micheal Burt’s Coaching program 5 years ago:

    5 years ago: 13 million in portfolios, Largest deal closed 1.25 million, 1 revenue stream, and I weighed 240 lbs
    2018: 3 billion in portfolios, largest deal closed 20 million, 5 streams of revenue, and I weigh 183 lbs (57 lbs lost). My wife bought Pilates studio and in 5 months increased her monthly contracts by 44%

    Coach Burt’s program impacts all aspects of your life and others around you. #BeAMonster
    – Clayton Whitaker, My Dealer Capital

  2. Katie Shaw

    My initial goal was to generate $60 million of mortgage production when I began the Monster Producer coaching program. Coach Burt was instrumental in helping me drive over $147 million and becoming #19 in the country. – Carey Ann Cyr, CMG Financial

  3. Kelly Perry

    Kelly Perry, North Star
    Since I’ve been chopping wood and carrying water, I finally got some results! Yesterday I was at 71% towards qualifying for Greece; today I’m at 83%, which exceeds my goal of 80% for end of Oct. I still have today to move the meter for a very strong finish for the month!

  4. Patrick

    At my previous job, I was making $28,000/ year. I switched careers and became a REALTOR in June on 2016. That year I only close 4 transactions and made $15,000.00 GCI. In 2017, I heard you speak but couldn’t afford your program. However, I did listen. 2017 I end up at $78,000 GCI. In 2018 I bit the bullet and joined Monster Producer. We formed a Team and I grossed $98,000. In the first month of 2019, I am on track to gross $120,000 GCI and just closed on my first investment property. Again, thank you for all of the guidance. I know I don’t attend all the live events yet, but I do what everything online. I’ll continue working until I can afford to be at all of the events. Again, Thank You!- Patrick Smith

  5. Richard Morris

    We are grateful for Monster Producers. While we haven’t followed the program to a T our sales are up 30% YTD but since September 1st we’re up 108% over last year during those 71 days with nearly $320,000 in new sales! We’re super busy and working long days to make everything happen for all our clients, including Coach Burt and the team. Richard Morris, Cruise Planners

  6. Chance

    I increased my personal income by 123%! And I just did my first $10K speaking engagement!
    My wife Jennifer also hit Diamond with doTERRA and her impact has grown significantly. Super proud of and happy for her.
    The biggest deal though is we had a good time doing it all. 2017 was difficult on our relationship. The stress got to us and we were disconnected more than connected. 2018 was about making progress AS FUN AS POSSIBLE. I’m done stressing my way forward. I found the flow.
    Thank you, Coach Burt, for the help, inspiration, and coaching.
    Chance Scoggins

  7. Chad

    Thanks to Micheal Burt’s Coaching Program, I closed 18 transactions in 2017 and 37 closed transactions for 2018. How’s that for “monster” growth?!
    Chad, Chad Williams Real Estate

  8. Evan

    I went from being a nobody in my market 6 years ago to being one of the top players in the real estate space. From not having a voice to developing a platform to influence many many people, and much of that change was thanks to you, Coach! -Evan Stewart, Real Estate

  9. Daniel

    2017 $887,000 (was an employee at my own company
    2018 $2.2 million no longer a technician (unless I choose to be) rather the owner.
    – Daniel Hodges-Hodges Landscape & Tree Service

  10. Jonathan

    Jonathan Harrison- Farm Credit

    I will finish the year at $25MM in new money loan volume, that’s an $11MM increase from last year. I appreciates everything Monster Producer has done for me this year. It definitely paid off!! – Jonathan Harrison- Farm Credit

  11. Laura

    Micheal Burt, you are an amazing coach but more than that, an amazing man! It has been an absolute pleasure knowing you and working alongside you these past couple of years creating a Monster Operations experience. You have been such an integral part of our success and more than a colleague, I value you as a friend.

  12. Andrew

    Coach, I just want you to know that you have made an impact on my life and if I become 10% of who you are in helping people I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough. I believe everyone should have advocates in life, and I am one for you… what I’ve learned doesn’t have a price!

  13. Mickey

    I let you know that I am experiencing many wins since starting the Monster Producer program, but first wanted to say THANK YOU for really giving tough love even though you didn’t give it directly. You give encouragement, but OWNERSHIP in your videos and I know my success is directly my responsibility.

  14. Victor

    Not only did you help me increase financially Micheal Burt. You also have impacted my whole life from having a deeper relationship with God. Being a better husband and father to my family, being a better leader to my whole team, and if I could sum it in just one statement. I would say becoming a BETTER VERSION OF ME!! Thank you COACH!!! TYCOON STATUS

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