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The Monster Growth System Bootcamp


A Two-Day Bootcamp with America’s Coach

May 21-22, 2020

For over a decade Coach Micheal Burt has been building and perfecting a system of growth for companies. He has tested that system across multiple disciplines with consistent success and drastic increases in revenue production. Most businesses lack a true growth system to plan, track, and execute weekly. In this extensive TWO DAY BOOTCAMP with Coach Micheal Burt at his lodge in TN you will learn:

  1. How to build a compelling story to share in ANY sales situation and a framework to use across your entire sales force, whether you are selling in person or over the phone
  2. How to generate leads through a proven SELLING SYSTEM called “Legacy Selling.” This shows you how to mental map a week, attack a day, and track the sales results of each sales person.
  3. How to build a SEVEN TOUCH follow up to bring prospects in your pipeline to a close
  4. How to build a REFERRAL ENGINE that creates referrals from your referrals

This is an in-depth bootcamp set up to bring you and your team to and walk out with a true system of growth that can yield a 43%+ spike in sales in a one year cycle.

The bootcamp will begin at 8:30 each day and go to 4 p.m. with a dinner and Q and A and team assignments in the evening. Coach Burt will be available and accessible for both days.

  • $799 Monster Producer Client
  • $1,500 One Ticket – Individual
  • $10,000 Includes 3 Team Members
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Tentative Schedule:

Day #1

Session #1- How to build a HIGH PREY DRIVE ENVIRONMENT totally focused on SALES and REVENUE

Session #2- Building a COMPELLING STORY through a framework that gets agreement in the sales cycle

Session #3- Introduction to Legacy Selling: How to play offense vs. defense
Hit List, Farm Club, New Customers

Session #4- Continuation of Legacy Selling: The Top 25, Champions, The Showcase, The Database, and the Connector Strategy

Session #5- Role Play and Testing on the system + evening assignments

Dinner and Q and A + Networking at THE LODGE with COACH BURT

Day 2:

Session #1- Building a MINDSET of ATTACK, Mental TOUGHNESS, and BLUE MARLINS

Session #2- Introduction to Million Dollar Follow Up- The Purpose of the follow up

Session #3- Building your Million Dollar Follow Up SYSTEM and understanding how to build momentum toward the close

Session #4- Optimization and how to get 5.7 referrals from EVERY transaction

Session #5- Testing and ROLE PLAY + Assignments

End of Two day bootcamp with final thoughts from COACH BURT

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