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Million Dollar Coaching Summit with Coach Micheal Burt (Streaming Video)


11 Part Steaming Video Series

Spend 3 days with one of the hottest coaches in the country learning how to speak, coach, train, and lead

Become a Licensed and Certified Coach and affiliate for COACH BURT to sell all products and services

Learn the strategies to build your own multi-million dollar coaching business

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At this 3 day business summit with Coach Micheal Burt at his beautiful and private lodge you will learn: 

  • How to leverage your past experiences into a coaching and educating business
  • How to secure big speaking engagements and get started being paid at high levels to speak
  • How to promote and brand yourself to become a “Person of Interest” that is in demand
  • How to build and leverage strategic partnerships with the top people in the world to enhance your following
  • How to create ideas, products, and services that sell at a high level
  • How to turn your coaching in to subscription based services for monthly fees
  • How to create content and tell stores that touch other people in meaningful ways
  • How to monetize your past and use it as a platform to your bigger future
  • How to earn millions speaking, coaching, training, and leading
  • How to run a coaching business that makes you a millionaire
  • How to build up to 12 profit centers from one SIMPLE IDEA
  • How to build and host your own retreats that generate $100K+ per retreat
  • How to build a sales team that is a machine that sells your product or service
  • How to get to $25K in speaking fees and beyond
  • How to get on the biggest stages in the country
  • How to coach your own people through consistent structures to get them to a much higher level in the world
  • How to create various levels, opportunity boards, and a network of like minded achievers
  • How to create structures of “exchange” to build and retain your top clients
  • How to sell and INTANGIBLE and FUTURE OUTCOME

This INTENSIVE and IMMERSION experience with America’s TOP COACH is an exclusive opportunity to learn everything Coach Burt has learned, packaged, and sold in his twenty+ year career as one of the top motivators in the country. He will walk you step by step through choosing a clear position in the market, building your content, marketing that content, and ultimately multiplying that content for millions of dollars.

This experience will save you years of your life trying to figure it out on your own. Coach Burt began writing books at the young age of 25 years old while simultaneously building one of the most dominant cultures in the country. He then retired from that work to build a multi-million dollar coaching business. He is actively coaching between 700-1500 people per month at various levels and is considered the hottest rising start in the speaking and coaching business.

Let one of the best in the world train you and LICENSE you in his content to speak, coach, train, or lead. 

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