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Inside the Mind of a Monster (Video)


In 2013 with just a few people Coach Micheal Burt introduced a new coaching program to the world called Monster Producer. He defined a Monster as a LEGENDARY creature that combined multiple skill sets to DOMINATE a market. That program now has over 600 people participating in it monthly all over the world and growing by 30-60 people per month. This books shows you the path of the Monster, of how to go from a producing entrepreneur into a MONSTER PRODUCING entrepreneur. It shows you the mindset and frameworks of the top players, how they think and respond, and how they attack the market daily by one of the top up and coming coaches in the world written by the original monster himself….Coach Micheal Burt

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In this book you’ll learn:
How to think like a MONSTER with expansive thoughts and take decisive actions
How to sell like a MONSTER around your primary hard skill
How to build networks like a MONSTER to advance your mission to planet Earth vs. playing local and small
How to expand like a MONSTER through leveling up in a strategic way to the biggest players on the planet
How to push through adversity like a MONSTER and use that adversity to actually accelerate your progress
How to find your “hard skill” to leverage like a MONSTER and then stack secondary skills on top of that to make you more valuable
How to become a “Person of Interest” like a MONSTER and attract millions of dollars of business to you vs. chasing it
How to gain exposure like a MONSTER through understanding today’s media landscape and marketing plays
How to go from a solo-preneur to building a Monster Enterprise that serves your life vs runs your life
How to find and open up the MONSTER inside of you and quit playing scared and small
How to work a MONSTER selling system to drive up to 400 or more leads per week
How to explain your services like a MONSTER and know within 15 seconds if you have a legit prospect or not
Are you ready to become a LEGENDARY CREATURE and to quit operating at lower frequencies?
It’s time to get your MONSTER ON……

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