Program Intensives

Legacy Selling System

A deep-dive intensive with Coach Micheal Burt taking you step-by-step through the entire system. Includes PDF workbook. View Details…


Million Dollar Follow Up

A Powerful 7 Touch System to Get People Off The Fence. This little book has big concepts that will forever change how you see the follow up and teach you how to challenge prospects, get people off the fence, and close more deals. View Details…


5.7 Referrals From Every Transaction

A referral is when “great people tell other people how great you are.” Many don’t think to refer because they are caught up in the “current of the urgent” focused on their own lives and their own businesses. In this INTENSIVE with Coach Micheal Burt he will break down the entire sales cycle and show you how to “optimize” client relationships like you can’t imagine. View Details…


Person of Interest

Become the Person Other People Want a Piece of and Cannot Live Without. We all have a desire to be known, for success not to be too hard, and to attract people to us and our ideas.  Many in sales have come to the conclusion that it’s not how many people they know but rather how many people know them. View Details…



Many years ago while “inner engineering” his basketball players Coach Micheal Burt had a revelation. Those who had CONFIDENCE could do anything. Those who didn’t could not. He would come to see insecurity as a great dis-abler of future potential. He vowed that he would study the science of confidence and create a tool that he could use to transform another person’s life by transforming their confidence. View Details…


Turn Your Managers Into Coaches

Coach Burt knows how to teach you how to be a coach that performs at the highest levels. Send your team members to this workshop and he will send them BACK and ON FIRE with engagement, new tactics and strategy, and the tools they need to build your culture. View Details…


Single Digit Millionaire

At 24 years old Coach Burt was earning $24,000 per year and would tap out at $60,000 per year when he was one of the highest paid public school coaches in the country. He begin writing books, speaking, and ultimately would build a coaching business that would make him a SINGLE DIGIT MILLIONAIRE. View Details…