Explanation of Services with Coach Burt

  • February 23rd
  • The Greatness Factory of Nashville

In this POWERFUL evening training session with America's Coach at the New Greatness Factory of Nashville, Coach Burt will show you a SIX STEP FAMEWORK that will offer the structure you need to build a world class "Explanation of Services."

Walk away with the CONFIDENCE and CLARITY you need to explain your VALUE at the ABSOLUTE highest levels.

Monster Publishing Retreat with Coach Burt & Sharon Lechter,

co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  • February 26th & 27th
  • Scottsdale, AZ

Imagine getting coaching in an intimate setting by someone who has written 17 books and someone who has sold more than 32 million copies! This is exactly what you will be getting when you come to this publishing retreat. Learn how to create a concept that will sell and how to market and distribute your book to the world!

FANATICAL FOLLOW UP with Coach Micheal Burt

  •  March 18th, 2021
  • Virtual

Spend a full day with Coach Micheal Burt learning his robust 7 TOUCH FOLLOW UP SYSTEM to get people off the fence and ready to make a buying decision. In this interactive training, you will learn strategies to convert more prospects into clients faster than ever before.  It's time to earn what you deserve using Coach Burt's FANATICAL FOLLOW UP strategies!  

The Million Dollar Coaching Getaway

  • March 25th -27th, 2021
  • Seaside, FL

Spend 3 days with one of the hottest coaches in the country learning how to speak, coach, train, and lead. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn everything Coach Burt has learned, packaged, and sold in his twenty+ year career as one of the top motivators in the country. He will walk you step by step through choosing a clear position in the market, building your content, marketing that content, and ultimately multiplying that content for millions of dollars. This experience will save you years of your life trying to figure it out on your own.

Flip The Switch Bootcamp

  • April 8th-9th
  • The Greatness Factory of Nashville

*This event could potentially be filmed for REALITY TV SHOW*

A 2-day INTENSE bootcamp experience to find  VOICE, build the TOUGHNESS you need to WIN, and find THE ACTIVATOR of your PREY DRIVE. Coach Michael Burt, America's Coach, will enhance your skills to equip you with the mental and emotional attitude to win at the highest levels. 

There will be breakdowns and breakthroughs, moments of revelation and conviction, & strategies and tactics to help you tackle your LIFE in a new and enhanced way!

Person of Interest Bootcamp

with Coach Micheal Burt

  • February 17th & 18th
  • Christiana, TN

After coaching for over 28 years, Coach Burt had a revelation. This is not just business, it’s a SHOW BUSINESS. Until you learn how to brand, market, get attention, add new people to your funnel, and create excitement for your brand, then you will never grow your business to the next level. You will be the best kept secret in the WORLD until you learn how to become KNOWN.

Living with a Monster Couples Retreat

  • April 29th-May 1st
  • Seaside, Florida

A 3-day couples retreat to build an "intentional life," learn how to live with an obsessed person, and decide how to include each other's talents in your business. Come retreat in a relaxed place to get in alignment, experience breakthroughs and bond with like minded achievers.

The Monster Growth System Bootcamp

  •  May 20th-21st, 2021
  • The Lodge

For over a decade Coach Micheal Burt has been building and perfecting a system of growth for companies. He has tested that system across multiple disciplines with consistent success and drastic increases in revenue production. Most businesses lack a true growth system to plan, track, and execute weekly. In this extensive TWO DAY BOOTCAMP with Coach Micheal Burt at his lodge in TN, you will learn the growth system secrets.

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