Retreat to Attack

  • Open Enrollment
  • Multiple MBE Hubs

Limited to FIVE PEOPLE + COACH MICHEAL BURT and some of his EXPERT COACHES for TWO FOCUSED DAYS on NOTHING but your BIGGER FUTURE and the STRATEGIES to gain TOTAL CLARITY of what’s next to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

Enjoy an intimate setting with fellow high achievers. 

WHAT'S NEXT ? - Mastermind

  • Open Enrollment
  • Multiple MBE Hubs

Objective and Key Focus: Finding, packaging, marketing, and monetizing your unique methodology you used to be successful and crystallizing your next BIG MOVE.
This unique mastermind series was created because so MANY high net worth and successful people came to Coach Burt and said, “I want to get clear on my next big move and I have a desire to help people with my method.” Coach Burt quickly recognized that many of these success stories didn’t know how to get started, how to package their unique methods, or market those methods or get clear on what Coach Burt calls “THE B” which is their desired outcome they are working toward.

Master The Stage - Live

  • Multiple Dates
  • In Person and Virtual Event Options

How to Master Your Authentic Stage-Presence so you can Confidently Communicate in a way that CONNECTS, CAPTIVATES AND COMPELS Any Audience to MASSIVE Action... Even if You're Afraid of Speaking in Public

Person of Interest - Intensive Bootcamp

  • June 1, 2023
  • The Lodge       Christiana, TN 

Learn the BEST SELLING SECRETS to FIND, PACKAGE, MARKET and MONETIZE your uniqueness with Coach Burt!

This ONE DAY experience with Coach Burt will CHANGE the way you SEE YOUR TALENTS forever. Coach goes deep into a FRAMEWORK for crystallizing your UNIQUE SKILLS and TALENTS and shows you how to become KNOWN, RENOWN, and CELEBRATED at at the HIGHEST LEVELS.

Micheal Burt School of Speaking, Coaching, and Writing 

  • June 2-3, 2023
  • The Lodge,      Christiana, TN

Very few in the world know how to take a concept and build MILLIONS of dollars around it like Coach Micheal Burt does. For years he has been professionally speaking, coaching, writing and leading in the world and knows every strategy to take a concept to market, crystallize the concept, and show you exactly how to make money with that concept. 


Become A Certified Coach

with Coach Micheal Burt

  • June 6-7, 2023 
  • The Lodge       Christiana, TN 

Have you ever wanted to become an authority and speak, coach, train and lead?

For the first time ever Coach Burt is extending the invitation to be personally trained by him in mastery of his top concepts with a special focus on MONETIZATION of speaking and coaching. Work directly with one of America's top speakers and coaches as he teaches you how to build a multi-million dollar coaching business.

Success School Bootcamp

  • June 8 or July 18, 2023 
  • The Lodge       Christiana, TN 

For over 16 years Coach Micheal Burt worked with children helping them build confidence, create a competitive intelligence, and become emotionally tough as a championship women’s basketball coach. His cutting edge philosophies helped children find their voice, learn how to be selfless vs. selfish, and learn to compete in a modern society at the highest levels.

Coach Burt and his all-star team will only be taking the first 50 children, ages 9-17 for this experiential learning camp.

Tactical Connection Selling Bootcamp

with Coach Micheal Burt

  • July 20, 2023 
  • The Lodge       Christiana, TN 

Everyone is looking for the silver bullet to grow their business. After 30 years of coaching thousands of people, Coach Micheal Burt believes that the silver bullet is one thing: Connection to others. Coach is referring to this connection as a “Tactical Connection.” Combining the daily actions of a pro in a systematic manner with this “Tactical Connection” Coach Burt has.

AMPLIFII meets Person of Interest

with Coach Micheal Burt and René Rodriguez

  • July 24-26, 2023 
  • The Lodge       Christiana, TN 

This ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCE is an IMMERSION of René's BRILLIANCE and Coach Burt's natural skillset in FINDING, PACKAGING, MARKETING, and MONETIZING your Uniqueness.

This experience with Coach Burt and René Rodriguez will CHANGE the way you SEE YOUR TALENTS forever as they lay the FRAMEWORK for crystallizing your UNIQUE SKILLS and TALENTS and show you how to become KNOWN, RENOWN, and CELEBRATED at at the HIGHEST LEVELS..

Monster Nation Conference 

with Coach Micheal Burt & Friends

  • September 8-9, 2023 
  • Nashville, TN

A conference like you have never seen before... At The Greatness Factory in Nashville! 

THE MONSTER NATION CONFERENCE is a transformational experience that will enhance your life and teach you how to become BECOME LEGENDARY. Reframe your mindset to kill off fear, grow, connect, and learn from some of the best in the business. Coach Burt has hand selected a group of the most powerful people from around the world to be in one place at the same time. 

Revenue Revolution

  • Sep 29-30, 2023
  • Phoenix, AZ  

Master the art of selling and rise above economic uncertainty with two leading industry drivers - Coach Micheal Burt - #1 Activator of Prey Drive and Andy Elliot - #1 Sales Trainer in the World! If you are serious about sales and revenue driving strategies, this is the place to be!

Living with a Monster Couples Retreat

  • November 9-12, 2023
  • Seaside, Florida

A 3-day couples retreat to build an "intentional life," learn how to live with an obsessed person, and decide how to include each other's talents in your business. Come retreat in a relaxed place to get in alignment, experience breakthroughs and bond with like minded achievers.


with Coach Micheal Burt

  • Open Enrollment
  • The Lodge       Christiana, TN 

Young Adults today are not being taught the skill sets needed to be prepared and aware of what it takes to thrive and be successful in this modern and competitive world. The pandemic has shown us that resilience, grit, problem solving and deeper levels of communication are critical for GREATNESS! Our t will open their minds to The HABITS OF THE TOP 1% OF PERFORMERS! This program includes one 45 minute training on Mondays at 7:00pm EST and access to one of Coach Burt's bootcamps at the Lodge!

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