Micheal Burt's School of Speaking, Coaching, and Writing 

with Coach Micheal Burt

  • September 15th-16th 
  • The Lodge | Christiana, TN

After coaching for over 28 years, Coach Burt had a revelation. This is not just business, it’s a SHOW BUSINESS. Spend 2 days with one of the hottest coaches in the country learning how to speak, coach, and publish your content in a compelling way that attracts your target audience and turns them into an engaged community. 

The Flip The Switch Bootcamp

  • September 30th and October 1st 
  • The Lodge | Christiana, TN

For over a decade Coach Micheal Burt has been building and perfecting a system of growth for companies. Find your VOICE, build the TOUGHNESS you need to WIN, and find THE ACTIVATOR of your PREY DRIVE. This two day event will be coached by Coach Micheal Burt himself!

Living with a Monster Couples Retreat

  • October 21st-24th
  • Seaside, Florida

A 3-day couples retreat to build an "intentional life," learn how to live with an obsessed person, and decide how to include each other's talents in your business. Come retreat in a relaxed place to get in alignment, experience breakthroughs and bond with like minded achievers.

Battle Tested 

with Coach Micheal Burt & Dr. Kevin Elko

  • October 20th, 2021
  • The Lodge    Christiana, TN

Join two championship coaches in a 1 day intensive event that will change the way you think forever! Dr. Kevin Elko has 30 combined championships between Super Bowls and National Championships as a sports psychologist and Coach Burt is the leading authority on activating the prey drive in you to get what you have always wanted. These two men know how to drive success. If you have been stuck, want to go the next level, lead your team or company to greater success, these two men can get you there through battle testing you.  You might need a little more TOUGHNESS or GRIT. There's only one way to find out. Sign up NOW!

The Monster Growth System Bootcamp

  • October 26th and 27th
  • The Lodge | Christiana, TN

For over a decade Coach Micheal Burt has been building and perfecting a system of growth for companies. He has tested that system across multiple disciplines with consistent success and drastic increases in revenue production. Most businesses lack a true growth system to plan, track, and execute weekly. In this extensive TWO DAY BOOTCAMP with Coach Micheal Burt at his lodge in TN, you will learn the growth system secrets.

The Million Dollar Coaching Getaway 

with Coach Micheal Burt

  • October 28th-31st
  • Watercolor in Seaside, FL

Join Coach Burt in beautiful and luxurious Seaside, Florida for one of his MOST popular coaching events. If you currently have or are interested in learning how to have a speaking or coaching business or want to make money training and leading others with your unique knowledge or skill THIS is this getaway for YOU. Coach Burt will teach you ALL of his secrets of how he built a multimillion dollar coaching and speaking business. He leaves nothing out. Come get coached by the best and take hold of the future you have dreamed about but didn't quite know how to get started! 

Person of Interest

with Coach Micheal Burt and Brad Lea in Vegas

  • November 6th and 7th
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Join Coach Burt and Brad Lea to learn how to become a person of interest and stop chasing the market! People of interest have a unique message that attracts, they can position themselves even in heavily commoditized industries and they have found the secret to becoming known. Learn from two of the best in the city that is all about the show. As Coach Burt says, "this isn't business, this is show business."

Success School 

with Coach Micheal Burt

  • November 13th
  • The Lodge | Christiana, TN

For over 16 years, Coach Micheal Burt worked with children helping them build confidence, create a competitive intelligence, and become emotionally tough as a championship women’s basketball coach. His cutting edge philosophies helped children find their voice, learn how to be selfless vs. selfish, and learn to compete in a modern society at the highest levels. Now, based on 10 scientifically proven habits of the most successful people in the world Coach Burt is offering his first ever “Success School” at his 8,000 square foot LODGE in middle TN this fall, November 13th.

Monster Nation Conference 

with Coach Micheal Burt & Friends

  • September 8th-11th, 2022
  • Nashville, TN

A conference like you have never seen before...

THE MONSTER NATION CONFERENCE is a transformational experience that will enhance your life and teach you how to become BECOME LEGENDARY. Reframe your mindset to kill off fear, grow, connect, and learn from some of the best in the business. Coach Burt has hand selected a group of the most powerful people from around the world to be in one place at the same time. 

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