Monster Growth Online Academy

Direct access to Coach Burt’s biggest coaching programs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose what you want to learn, whenever you want it. Re-engineering people to perform at higher levels. Easy access from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Switch between them at your convenience from your own personal account.

Monster Producer Coaching

In a one year cycle we try to help you find and fill your missing structures including:

  • How to activate your PREY DRIVE
  • How to build a world class EXPLANATION OF SERVICES
  • How to implement a true PROSPECTING and SELLING SYSTEM daily
  • How to use a 7 touch system to build a MILLION DOLLAR FOLLOW UP
  • How to extract 5.7 REFERRALS from every transaction
  • How to become a PERSON OF INTEREST and attract opportunity 


For those who prefer a fast paced approach to launching their very own coaching business, this plan is designed for you! Have a strategic partnership with Coach Micheal Burt to help you LAUNCH your coaching business in real time.

Coach Burt and his team have been the preferred coach to some of the top performing coaches in the world and have helped build their coaching platforms and new revenue streams from the ground up by creating successful, multi-million dollar coaching programs.

During your time working with Coach Burt and his team, opportunities will be identified around strategic partnerships and the potential to ACCELERATE your career as a COACH! 

The Executive Coaching Series

Many people desire “individualized coaching and mentoring” for their specific needs. This may be personal development related or to build mental structures for their business. Coach Burt believes in coaching the whole person; the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit. Based on his unique methodology our executive coaches can help you break through your current ceilings of success to new levels with monthly one to one coaching sessions, high levels of accountability, and clear structures for growth. 

This may be:

  • Executive coaching on how to build, grow, or scale your business
  • Confidence coaching on how to build, maintain, and protect your greatest asset in your confidence
  • A structure that helps you find your unique voice in LIFE and identify your NEXT MOVE
  • Coaching for you on selling structures, how to become a better coach to your team, or business expansion

At this level we listen to your needs and customize a personal coaching plan that helps you get a LIFT in a desired area of your life.

personalize custom coaching


Different companies and leaders have different needs. At this level you get to “customize your coaching package” to fit the needs and desired goals of your company. This could blend any of the following together for ONE STRONG package:

  1. 1
    Executive Coaching for you or your executive management team
  2. 2
    Coaching for your teams to perform at higher levels
  3. 3
    Coaching for your managers to build HIGH PRODUCING environments
  4. 4
    Events or Retreats for you to learn from some of the top experts in the country
  5. 5
    Personalized coaching and mentoring from Coach Micheal Burt and his team of coaches
  6. 6
    Strategy and mindsets on BREAKTHROUGH, business models, or finding and filling your missing structures

Coach Burt and his team have been the preferred coach to some of the top performing companies in the world and have built custom coaching packages for companies to show drastic increases in sales, culture, and gain of new market share. At this level you get the personalized attention you need, access to unique activation and learning events with other top professionals, and a plan to build your team. 

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